Although Finnish artist Jaana Koskivaara-Coniel hasn’t painted for too long, she exhibits an erudite eye for textures, colours, patterns, and geometrical shapes. No doubt thanks to her years studying fashion design in Paris, as well as the decade spent in South Africa. 

Something that would have been apparent for those who visited Koskivaara-Coniel’s showroom exhibition at Artportable, is that she has a talent for various mediums and styles.

– I have been painting for only 3 years. I have done lots of ceramic work in South Africa and in France. And now, when these two art forms can work together it becomes very interesting.

How would you describe your own style?

– My style is actually… often people say that it has to do with fabric design. I have, in my earlier years, studied fashion design. So I use a lot of bright colors. My ideas and colors come from South Africa, where I’ve lived for some time now.

– I have been doing so many renovation projects and doing this with paint, with wall painting and decoration-painting. I’m trying different types of painting. And the techniques are varying a lot because I also work with ceramics. I have found out that my red black and white ceramics go with metal in a beautiful way. 

Do you have some kind of message with the work in your showroom? 

– No, not really. It’s more that I want to find a certain artistic way for my ceramic and my paintings. I don’t have a message. And I don’t plan it. It just comes with intuition. When I start to do it, the colors float to me in a certain way. 

When did you create the artworks that you exhibited? 

– Those are from 2018 – most of them. I have been trying different things. I would describe them as things that you can hang on the wall, or maybe just put on the floor or whatever. You can attach them by two. They can be placed basically with any colour on the wall by itself, and just hang there as beautiful pieces.

What are your plans for the future?

– In the last few years I set up my art studio in Turku, Finland. I have been trying many different styles and still believe that I’m in some kind of early stage when it comes to defining myself and my artworks. The good thing is that I create a lot of different things. I have now found my way of what I want to do with my paintings. I’m implementing some things with colored stripes in my paintings. I’m also working with some new ceramics, like smaller ceramic pieces, but larger as well.

You can find more of Jaana Koskivaara-Coniel’s art here.