Alexander Lee


About me

My background is with Fine Art and I started my career as an artist creating a series of detailed pencil drawings on paper. A couple of years later, I started working with acrylic paint on paper, board and canvas and at this point I also began to create some abstract work.

I am born in England and raised in Western Australia but commenced my full-time artist career in Stockholm. A lot of my artwork has strong influences of Stockholm city and its surroundings.
My art pieces of waves are influenced mainly from the coastal life in Western Australia. I have lately taken interest in merging modern technology into old fashioned paintings. The result of this can be seen in my series “To see or not to be”.


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Stockholm, Sweden

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Fine Art at Claremont School of Art, Perth Western Australia / Photography at Mt Lawley, Perth Western Australia


Pencil Drawing on Paper / Acrylic Paintings


The immediate surroundings, being nature or city life and also the modern society are two of many sources to my inspiration.

Current projects:

  • GalleriArtSight, Stockholm (Hornsgatan 36A), 9/4 – 3 /5 2021. Vernissage: 9/4 – 11/4 2021
  • I have art in the Gagliardi Gallery Kings Road, London UK and in a violin maker workshop at Kungsholmen Stockholm.
  • Exhibition at Galleri Grip, Stockholm, 30/1 – 4/2 2021

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