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Anna Nord

About me

Painting has always been a treasured hobby of mine but it was first a few years ago when it really started blossoming into something bigger for me. I started out painting smaller watercolor paintings and eventually this led to larger acrylic paintings. I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of poetry and I like to intermingle poetry and quotes with my paintings. I want the words and images to reinforce each other, almost as though they are intertwined. This way, I can steer the viewer into the painting the way I have intended it to be depicted. Even if I have intended the painting to be depicted in a certain way, everyone has their own way of defining and interpreting art and it is always a joy to encounter new perspectives from others.


Kalmar, Sweden


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Watercolor and acrylic


Women are a great source of inspiration for my paintings and I paint them to symbolize freedom, strength and joy. Horses are another source of inspiration. They are ever-present in my life and I like to paint their power and unconditional love. I am also inspired by emotions and expressions.

Current exhibitions:

  • My paintings are sold at the Hotel Magasin 1 in Mörbylånga on southern Öland
    Hotell Magasin 1 
  • Exhibition at Linnéuniversitetet in February. Kalmar.

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