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Changlin Wester was born 1964 mountainous province of Hubei, China. She belongs to two of China’s minority groups. Her Mother was a miao an her Father tujia. In her early twenties she took a four month course in oil painting in her home village of Hefeng, later on she move to Hunan province where she worked at a university as a student administrator.

In 2002 Changlin met Göran, a swede, and in 2003 they married and in 2004 Changlin moved to Sweden where she has lived ever since.

Unfortunately in 2017 Changlin suffered a stroke, which gave her problems with her speech and the right side of her body. As part of her rehabilitation she took up painting again, and after only a few weeks it was clear that she possessed a true talent.

It seems like the stroke closed some doors in her brain but opened others.

Changlin often paints the dramatic mountain landscape of her home province as well as pictures from the sea, flowers and portraits.










The dramatic mountain landscape of her home province, pictures from the sea, flowers and portraits.

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