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About me

My name is Hanan Al-Rikabi and I am a Swedish artist with roots in Jordan. I was born and raised in Jordan and studied fashion, design and art until I decided to move to Sweden for better opportunities. I have now lived in Sweden for more than 26 years! Time really flies. 
Since childhood I have always been passionate about art. At an early age I started painting on everything from house facades to the walls at home leaving my parents constantly angry with me. My mother was an artist but the harsh life of a single, poor mother raising nine kids never gave her the opportunity to fulfill her dream and this makes me more determined to pursue my dream.

My art project on the pandemic was requested by the Qatar Art fair and it made me think about Covid as silent as a biological weapon and how it speaks volumes on our susceptibility and weakness as humans. I think about the scales of justice, the balance of the individuals needs against the needs of society. I think of truth and fairness: the reality is not only a blindfold on humanity but also a mask on our face.

Art has no boundaries. Humans are divided, and so is art. There is no right or wrong. In a globalized world it can be hard to portray your uniqueness, art gives us the platform to reflect our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, needs: Internal visions by using external form. In terms of where the world of art is heading – am glad that humans are able to be more free in their expressions today more than ever. For example, like many impressionist painters, Claude Monet received a great deal of harsh criticism for his vibrantly bold new artistic movement. His art now lives forever. My advice to a new artist is to not copy, and not compare. You are unique, and also the one that defines your art. An artist is courageous and confident – art is a free playground for you to portray your vision. Stay committed to constant learning and self improving, and you will be rewarded – if not in a monetary way, most importantly – in a self fulfilling way. 

I recently re-discovered my talent and interest in my artistic expression in clay sculptures. I am amazed by what can be created, and felt with the tip of your fingers. I close my eyes and find myself creating different characters in clay. I thoroughly enjoy it and can’t wait to show the world and myself my creations. 

Humbly and gratefully yours, 






Bachelor’s degree (Art and Textile)
Course in sculpture
Art, Textile and Design, Malmö “Tillskärarakademin”
Teacher in Fine Arts, Malmö University
Art and Textile teacher, Stockholm


Oil, acrylic and clay

Previous exhibitions:

- Arab women film festival 2017
- Per Engleson 2017
Caroli City- Malmö
- Per Engleson 2017
Emporia- Malmö
- Gallerynight Swedish Art gallery, October, 2017
Gallery Night, Swedish Art gallery, October, 2018
Million Storis, Malmö Festival
Haningesalongen, 2018

Florence, 2019
Singapore, 2018
Louvre, Paris

Cannes, 2018

Switzerland, 2018

Monaco, 2018
New York, 2017
Luxembourg, 2016



Haninge Konsthall, December, 2020

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