Malin Årsbog


About me

I paint large paintings in oil, acrylics or ink, mainly abstract with clear contrasts. I tend to lean towards the cold color spectrum and keep returning to the ocean and the mountains. Either as a background or as the main character.

I enjoy the exploration of rust, structure, the worn and the unpolished. The industrial areas. The metal and the pieces left behind.
It’s interesting to enterpret something hard and with sharp edges, and try to make it into something soft and relatable. My art represents a reality that is neither polished or fixed. It’s more of an in-between. An expression of freedom.


Gothenburg, Sweden


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Autodidact with background as Engineer.



Acrylic, oil and ink.


Structures of walls, bricks, concrete, rust, industry. The sky before the rain. Norwegian mountains. Misty roads. Frost. The ocean.


Previous exhibitions:

  • Galleri Röda Stugan – Åstol, Sweden 2020.
  • Astra Zeneca – Mölndal, Sweden, June 2020.
  • Galleri Lillhammar – Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct 2019.
  • The Gallery – Gothia Towers Gothenburg, Sweden, Nov 2018.

Upcoming exhibitions:

  • Sept 2021 – 2020 Visions DK – ’3 Festdage for Maleriet’ – Copenhagen, Denmark

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