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Marika is a Finnish wood artist, currently living and working in Zurich, Switzerland.

Marika is trying to make sense of the current society, where many are disconnected from the importance of nature and prefer to exploit it rather than nurture it. Through her forests and landscapes, she strives to portray a sense of tranquility as well as to empha- size the immense driving power Nature is able to convey!


Zurich, Switzerland


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  • 2003 – 2014     Art Mentoring and workshops by Somyot Hananuntasuk, André de Martelaer, Lina Zeidan among others.
  • 1997 –  1999   National Certificate in Cabinet Making, City and Islington College, London.


Due to her past as a cabinet maker, her technique starts by carving and scraping onto wooden boards with her numerous woodworking tools. Working very intuitively and guided by the grains in the wood, an unpredictable textured base unfolds. The remaining wood splinters still attached to the boards are an essential part in her works. The process is followed by painting several layers of earthy color tones using acrylic paints and pigments until a painterly impression is obtained.


Marika is strongly influenced by the beauty, the chaotic order and the complexity of Nature which is the inspiration at the core of her work. By interpreting the moods and feelings of nature, her works transforms into botanical illusions which resembles traditional paintings yet on closer inspection the surface is almost three dimensional with a vivid and illusory texture.

Previous exhibitions:

  • December – The Doorway Gallery, Dublin
  • December – Galerie Kunstzürichsüd, Zürich
  • November – Bukowskis Modern Finnish Auction, Helsinki
  • June – The Doorway Gallery, Dublin
  • December – Galerie Kunstzürichsüd, Zürich
  • November – Auction Art for Children, Zürich
  • October – Affordable Artfair, Stockholm
  • September – Fresh Artfair, Ascot
  • September – Bank Art Fair, Singapore
  • August – The Doorway Gallery, Dublin
  • June – Plasart, Seoul, South Korea
  • May – Affordable Artfair, Hampstead London
  • March – Harbour Artfair, Hong Kong
  • February – VanGogh Art Gallery, Madrid
  • January – Affordable Artfair, Milano
  • January – Galerie Kunstzürichsüd, Zürich
  • November – Art House Munich, München
  • October – Arttalents, Zürich
  • October – Bukowskis Contemp, Helsinki
  • September – Art at the Jupiter, London
  • June – SCOPE Art Basel , Basel
  • April – Lakeside Gallery, Unterägeri
  • April – Galerie Kunstzürichsüd, Zürich
  • March – Altstadthalle, Zug
  • September – Woodfactory, Zürich
  • June – The Artbox Project, Basel
  • March – AWCZ Gallery at the Club, Zürich
  • November – MAG Swiss, Montreux ​
  • September – Finnart, Winterthur
  • May – Altstadthalle, Zug

Current exhibitions:

  • December – The Doorway Gallery, Dublin
  • December – Galerie Kunstzürichsüd, Zürich

Upcoming exhibitions:

  • January – Galerie Kunstzürichsüd, Zürich
  • May – Affordable Artfair, Stockholm Sweden
  • June – Bath Artfair, Bath UK

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