Olga Novitskaya-Ravn



Olga Novitskaya-Ravn is an educated art historian, in which she holds a master’s degree from the university
of St. Petersburg and Academy of fine arts. She works with oil, acrylics and mixed media on virtually any kind of surface, stretching all the way from canvas to wood, stones and huge walls.
In her works the colors, the rhythm and the shadings are of vital importance, often creating a unique universe that depicts flashes of emotions or a surreal dream.

The inspiration for her exciting creations she finds in nature as well as in the material world, and she likes to transform motives from nature into semi-abstract shapes and give them symbolic attributes, though always with a connection to reality.
Her works are found all around the world in both private and public collections, she participates in different art events as well as charity projects and hosting own radio art program Kunst på radio Rollo .




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Art Academy, Saint Petersburg, Phd in art history (Spb University)



Oil, acrylics and mixed media


Nature and everyday life, arthistory, symbolism, surrealism



  • Bolig Mad Design messe/Art Fair in Bella Center Copenhagen 2019/2020
  • Roskilde Kongresscenter 2019
  • Kultunariet 2019
  • Haslev Church exhibition
  • Kunstkaskade åbner døre 2019


  • Murals at Haslev Church, several schools in Denmark and kindergartens; exhibition and art events at own atelier in Haslev, Dk
  • PAF Art Fair London, Kensington town hall July 2019
  • Madeira Fort September 2019

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