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About me

I am a Hungarian-Swedish painter. For me it was always natural to have paintings on the walls at home. I developed my love for art very early in my life. I studied art and I got an art history degree in 2001. I’ve had a lot of solo exhibitions but also group exhibitions in Sweden, in Hungary and in other countries in Europe. I am also an author of children stories.I am a member of Svenska Konstnärsförbundet (Swedish Art Community), Hässelby- Vällingby Konstklubb (Hässelby-Vällingby Art Community) and BUS (Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden). I am a board member of Hässelby-Vällingby Art Community.Painting is something I see as a need to be able to live life full to its fullest extent.

To create something is an opportunity to learn about the world and yourself. It is a continuous development and it is very funny, too. I’ve never called it a hobby. In my free time, I do other things. Painting is something extra. It is something that raises the quality of life. A luxury.


Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Art courses in Budapest
  • ELTE Eötvös Loránd University Visual perception and communication
  • Art history Visual pedagogy Different techniques Thesis (Bachelor) – Art History (2001)
  • l


    Acrylic painting



    Current projects:

    Salong20, Gamla Kraftstationen, Deje, Värmland, 20200704

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