Rosanna Sundin


About me

When I was a little girl the only thing I liked to draw were princesses in all kinds and I guess that I’m still doing it but in a different way, my own kind of way.

Basically my art is emotional selfportraits that reflect me and my mood from one day to an other. And the colors that I use are often bright to remind me and others to be happy evan when we’re not.

My Art is made of acrylic or oil and the tools that I use could be almost anything that I find useful in the working process. But to be fair it’s mostly done with different brushes and with my fingers.




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I have studied form and design on university level and I have a degree in furniture design and product development.


Oil and acrylics.


I get my inspiration from anything that my eyes finds attractive or interesting. Sometimes I catch small details from life itself but mostly it’s from other artists that paint portraits in a colorful way. Evan beautiful photos of humans triggers my brain to create.


Södra Vätterbygdens konstrunda.

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