Suzette Datema


About me

I am living in the UK but was born and raised in South Africa. I went for art classes for two years and from there on I am basically self trained. Colour excites me always. During 2020 we did not travel and I created quite a few pieces of fantasy to ‘paint myself out of Covid-19’ into a virus-free world. The mediums I love to work with are mainly Acrylic, Oils and experimenting with mixed media.

Painting is my therapy and sanity for life’s ups and downs, but my main aim and biggest thrill is; to please my viewers and provide food for their souls. That achieved, I feel my mission in life has been accomplished.

My inspiration comes also from many artists but Van Gogh will always be my favorite. I can relate so much to his words: ‘I dream my paintings and then I paint it’.



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BA in Education



Naive and Impressionistic


Photos, Travelling and Fantasy


Current exhibitions:

Coffee Art Project Group exhibitions
Friends home exhibitions

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