Toril Kristensen



Born and raised in Oslo, with a strong connection to Risør. I have lived on Nesodden for a few years – a beautiful peninsula in the Oslo Fjord. I have a great love and belonging to the sea – sea and rocks are like balm for the soul! In November 2020, I moved to Kongsberg after finding my great love here and I really enjoy it!

My great passion is to paint pictures and express myself intuitively on the canvas. The urge to create is great, and for me it is important that my art is alive! So I fill up with inspiration and techniques as often as I can, and develop new painting techniques and expressions. I attend courses regularly and develop my own techniques based on what I learn in the courses. My paintings are based on my own techniques and emotions. It feels like therapy to be able to express myself with colors on the canvas.

I also paint for order, just get in touch! You decide the format and colors and I put the colors on the canvas with love.


Kongsberg, Norway


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Graphic Design



Acrylic on canvas. I prefer to paint intuitively-abstract and figuratively-abstract with acrylic paint. I paint with what comes to mind; everything from brushes, sponges, paper, paint knives, credit cards, just my hands or whatever came to my mind then and there.


Gets inspiration from sea, sunsets, colors and shapes in nature, interior, people, animals, experiences, emotions, moods, food, books and magazines, internet, other artists, travel, light and so on.


Current exhibitions:

Galleri Pop – Langesund, 29 – 31  October 2021


Previous exhibitions:

  • Gallery Alleri Kunstgress , Oslo – December 2020
  • Kongsberg maleklubb, Kongsberg – November – December 2020
  • Gallery Kunstgress, Oslo – October/November 2020
  • Gallery Kunstgress, Oslo – August 2020
  • Gallery Pop, Langesund – June 2020
  • Annas hybel, Fjellstrand, Nesodden – February – March 2020
  • Pup Up exhibition, Drøbak City – December 2019 to February 2020
  • Gallery Vanntårnet Memberexhibition, Nesodden – November – December 2019
  • Gallery Kunstgress Christmas exhibition, Oslo – December 2019
  • Flasken kjøkken & bar, Nesodden – November 2019
  • Kystkulturisten, Flaskebekk, Nesodden – August 2019

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