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Tove Höglund is a self-taught artist. She is 42 years old and lives on a beautiful farm in Hälsingland with her husband and two children.

During a period of sick leave for fatigue syndrome, she felt a longing to just sweep with color and not think of anything else. Painting and art became a pleasurable form of therapy where she felt flow and that time disappeared. Since then, she has painted every day.

Acrylic and sometimes mixed media are the techniques Tove uses and she paints on canvas. She loves strong colors and wants those who look at her art to feel inspired, strengthened and happy.

She is an avid reader, with a secret dream of one day writing a book, and her titles are quotes from her non-existent bestselling feelgood novel.




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Acrylics on canvas.


I find my inspiration everywhere; life, love, nature, new friendships, other artists, you name it!

Current exhibitions:

Two own exhibitions on the farm in Hälsingland.
This year there has been exhibitions at Scandic Hallandia in Halmstad, and Scandic Karlskrona.
Next upcoming artexhibition will be held at Stora Enso Konstförening, Kristianstad.
Her art has been seen in the magazine World of Interiors.

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