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About me

I started making small completely naturalistic animal figures already when I was 3 years old, in plasticine. When I was 4-5 years old I got clay that could be burned and I then made my first larger clay sculpture of a horse with a rider in about size 30 x30 cm. It was to be burned and stood to dry, but was destroyed by a smaller brother …. so I stopped creating sculptures for many years. But the sculpture was so true to nature that no one thought that such a little boy had made it.

I was drawing for many years as well as creating wooden figures, until I took a ceramics course as an 11 year old (the sculptures still exist in the family). It was obvious that my education would go in the field of art so I went to different small courses and schools until I started in Bergen in 96 to 80, with pottery at the arts and crafts school, which later became a college and saw the status of the university.

After serving in a workshop in Stavanger for 7 years with utility ceramics I traveled up to Bergen again to take a master’s degree in sculptural ceramics and was allowed as the first student to take it in 2 years, from 97 to 89. From 89 to 90 I worked campus as a foreman and teacher. Then I moved to Sørlandet Frolands Værk, a 300-year-old ironworks farm where I built an Arts and Culture Center for the municipality, something I did for 5 years, before I bought an old Finnetorp at Grue Finnskog where I set up a large workshop at about 300 square meters with ceramics, smithy and a small furniture workshop.

I am a restless soul so I have to constantly engage in something. I have many branches to commute between – ceramics, knife forging, furniture carpentry, leather and leather work, bow and arrow making and shaman drums. In addition, construction of cottages and small houses and a large livestock.

In both periods at school in Bergen I learned to further develop my energy work, which I use in most of my work. This resulted in me being approached by strange phenomena and ending up being deprived of EVERYTHING I owned. This is because I developed my energy work far beyond the normal, as old cultures used and still use. Now for a period of 5 years, since I was deprived of my job, I have only worked with arrows and bows, and a little drums, but mostly with energy work.


Åsnes Finnskog, Norway

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  • 1 year drawing shape and color.
  • 1 year decorator and 1 year cabinetmaker.
  • 4 years at the Arts and Crafts Sun in Bergen, with pottery, where we fired all our regular teachers and employed well-known and famous potters from the USA, England, Japan and Denmark.
  • 7 years later I started again at the same school in Bergen, which was then converted into a college with university status, where I then took 2 years with a major in sculptural ceramics.
  • In retrospect, I took a forging course in regular 3-layer knife blades and a course in damskblad.


I only work with stoneware clay and only burn oil furnace fired to 1300 degrees.


It’s hard to say who I’m inspired by, in sculpture I draw from dreams … In pottery it is probably the Japanese teacher who was in Norway for 6 years at school in Bergen, Takeshi Yasuda.



I have had exhibitions in unrecognized exhibition spaces, because my union did not let me go for fear of my versatility (was a member of Norwegian artisans for over 30 years). Was recognized in Stavanger when a well-known art critic in Stavanger Aftenblad, who never wrote nicely about artists, praised me for my artistic achievements after seeing my master’s exhibition shown in my hometown (Stavanger).

Then I participated in 1 exhibition that NK arranged, the exhibition was called: Before 1030, and I was probably the only one who could claim I had that dish, inspired by 6 – 8000 ate old fishing hooks.

In Hedemark I had about 5 – 6 exhibitions, including the Finnskog exhibition 2 times, 1 in Kongsvinger, 3 in Grue, Kirkenær.

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